1. trying to define my style only leads to a jumbled mess of thoughts…

    image from www.daily-movement.com 

    i long so badly to be classic and chic…like this vintage louis. there’s so much history and respect in this little bag.  it compliments anything and never overpowers.  it’s just enough, effortless.  it never takes away from the outfit, but makes it better.  it’s the perfect addition. it’s valued and respected and trusted as one of the most elegant.

    that’s what i long to be. and no, i feel no shame in that i just compared myself to a louis vuitton… just look at ‘em; they’re gorgeous. 

    but then again, another one of my favorite style tricks is to take something classic and pair it with something edgy, something new.  like here:


    via theglitterguide.com

    simple — classic baseball tee, classic red polish, classic waves — paired with something edgy like these glitter pants. how exciting, right? it’s great, i love it.  

    in my opinion, classics are to be treasured and respected, but how can our generation make new classics until we learn to experiment with the new?

    i don’t know, maybe i’m thinking too much into fashion… or maybe it’s just awesome.



  2. "it had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back & let things happen to them. they went out & happened to things."
    — leonardo da vinci

  3. fabulously edgy. you go girl. 

    ps — she’s 16. yeah.

    you’re welcome, pearl. 

    (Source: Spotify)


  4. "live in the sunshine. swim the sea. drink the wild air."
    — emerson
  5. when i say i love spontaneous nights, this is what i’m talking about… stay tuned to see if my friends actually let me build a slip-n-side down a mountain in england. 

    - pearl


  6. there’s always a first

    okay, nobody will ever read this, i understand that.  i don’t know why but lately i’ve been feeling very inspired and motivated to share my interests with the world, so here it goes. 

    get ready for pictures that i probably stole from pinterest and random thoughts about aspirations, music, movies, and whatever else fills my life. 

    - pearl